Why Choose Mosaic Day School

  • Our goal is to continue to be the early child development leader in more and more locations. The following attributes set us apart and offer your child and your family the best experience possible:

    • We offer the highest quality care designed to support your child’s intellectual and emotional development, in addition to meeting basic needs.
    • We provide a nurturing and stimulating learning environment that encourages your child to think independently and yet work and play well with other children.
    • We welcome and support your child’s unique learning style and encourage children to respect each other’s’ differences.
    • We will develop an individualized instruction plan for your child using the latest research in the areas of child development and early childhood education.
    • We have created a process-oriented learning atmosphere that supports and encourages your child’s natural enthusiasm for learning.
    • Our teachers use formative and summative assessments to guide them in how they teach your child.
    • We encourage your child to participate in all aspects of the day, including the preparation and cleanup of activities, to teach responsibility and working well with others.
    • We encourage and support your family’s ongoing involvement in your child’s learning experience by providing a variety of opportunities for you to collaborate and participate in day-to-day and special school events.
  • Our goal is to continue to be the early childhood learning and child development center leader in Jacksonville with early learning programs and specialists.

  • Enrolling is Easy

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