Tuition & Affordability

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    Mosaic Day School focuses on offering advantages and opportunities that are exemplary. We work every day to maximize your child’s strengths and help your child overcome any challenges to ensure your child’s success in elementary school and beyond. We invest in hiring and providing professional development opportunities to ensure that we have the best administrative leadership, teachers and child development staff who collaborate to create an individualized learning plan for your child.

    Tuition and fees included in each classroom description enable us to provide the best for your child.


    • Mosaic Day School believes in providing individualized instruction and support and early intervention to address issues as early as possible in a young child’s life.



    As part of our commitment to helping children with special needs, Mosaic Day School accepts the John McKay ScholarshipGardiner Scholarship and NACCRRA.  Hardship applications are also available upon request.

    Contact Pam Lively, director of academic services,, 904.619.6071, ext. 140, for more information about resources to help make tuition affordable.


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