Keystone Behavioral Pediatrics

Keystone Behavioral Pediatrics Services

Keystone Behavioral Pediatrics offers comprehensive, collaborative, and integrated healthcare to address a wide-range of challenges faced by children and their families. The company serves children between the ages of 2 and 22 with developmental disabilities, behavior challenges, and social and communication delays. The interdisciplinary treatment model utilized by Keystone provides a whole-child approach that promotes all areas of growth to help each child reach their fullest potential. Below you will find a list of comprehensive services that Keystone offers to any of our Mosaic students based on individual need.

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

ABA focuses on altering behavior in socially significant ways to improve the lives of children and families dealing with a wide variety of developmental disorders, focusing on empirically based approaches to behavior management.

Speech and Language Therapy

Speech and language therapy offers treatment focused on helping children and their families learn strategies for improving functional communication and oral, motor, or feeding/swallowing skills.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy (OT) uses purposeful activities to enhance and facilitate skill development to participate in meaningful activities. OT focuses on helping children achieve independence in all areas of their lives.

Feeding Therapy

Feeding therapy treats feeding disorders, failure to thrive, “picky eating”, obesity, and g-tube dependence utilizing the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis.

Mental Health Therapy

Mental health offers a range of clinical therapeutic services emphasizing treatment of developmental, emotional and behavioral problems of children and families.

Psychological Assessment

Psychological assessment provides evaluations, applying professional expertise to understanding development and function, emphasizing targeted treatment recommendations to families, schools and other professionals in order to maximize each child’s potential.

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