Mission and Philosophy

  • Director Statement

    Welcome to Mosaic Day School!

    The passion that I have for individualized education is both personal and professional. Each child, for whom I have owned the responsibility of teaching, has reinforced my purpose. Every child makes their life’s journey relying on adults who believe in them and will provide them with guidance that will foster their greatest potential. Where there are developmental concerns, the most natural intervention is an education that respects the individual needs, learning styles, and preferences of learners. Childhood is such a small percentage of an individual’s life. It is incumbent on teachers and parents to make the most of early opportunities with quality instruction that is pertinent to the child’s life and desired outcome. Effective education and development of children must be a collaborative effort among a diverse group of professionals. Child development is multi-faceted and cannot be wholly achieved by any individual professional. It is necessary to address each child’s academic, communicative, behavioral, social, and physical development. We want to ensure that we do not lose sight of our vision for each individual child. Most importantly, we want parents to have a vested interest in their child’s education. Parents spend much more time with their children than educators and therapists do, making parents an integral part of a therapeutic team. It is very exciting to see bonds being formed between our staff and our students. It is even more exciting to witness the progress that can be made through appropriate education and intervention. We welcome the opportunity to enhance the life of your child and family by being a part of their journey to adulthood.


    What We Do

    We have discovered through our collaborative work in integrated healthcare and premier education that all children benefit from individualized attention focused on their strengths. In response to the success we’ve realized and the steadily increasing number of students, with the beginning of the 2017-18 school year, we have retired KCDC and opened two new schools.

    Collage Day School has opened in Palm Valley, Ponte Vedra Beach, to provide an academically challenging environment for students from 3 months old through 5th grade.

    Mosaic Day School focuses on children with special needs, from 3 months old 8 years old (2nd grade). Mosaic, located on Keystone Behavioral Pediatric’s Southside, Jacksonville, campus, offers small class sizes and low faculty-to-student ratios.


    • Mosaic Day School is a kind, caring and understanding organization that helps families and children using a holistic approach.


    What We Believe

    Each child’s unique learning style should be honored and supported.

    Our mission is to be the area’s premier child development center, providing a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment to promote your child’s social, emotional, physical and cognitive growth. We believe in honoring each child’s unique learning style.

    We continually adjust our interactions to accommodate each child’s learning style, needs and interests. We encourage both teacher-directed and child-initiated curriculum. We support individual exploration that leads to higher-order thinking and discoveries. We will work closely with your family to ensure that your child feels supported, respected, self-confident and ready for elementary school and beyond. Our goal is to promote the intellectual, social and behavioral success of your child.


    Family involvement is critical in the success of early child development programs.

    Research indicates that when your family plays an active role in your child’s learning, remarkable gains are made for both your family and your child. We know that your family is the real expert when it comes to your child. We welcome your involvement to help us create a meaningful and memorable learning experience that bridges the boundaries between home and school.

    By working with you to improve your child’s quality of life and increase language and social development, we enhance your child’s confidence and improve family relationships.

    Teachers provide daily communication notes describing how your child’s individual goals were addressed and achieved each day. In turn, your family is encouraged to communicate regularly with Mosaic Day School staff through communication notebooks. Our staff also provides your family with quarterly progress notes that indicate areas of your child’s strengths and needs and will meet with you each quarter to review your child’s progress and plan for the future.

    Throughout the year, Mosaic Day School hosts special school events that offer families the opportunity to gather for socialization, community support and fun. We also offer ongoing family training and workshop opportunities, presented by Keystone staff and child development professionals from the Jacksonville community.

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