Integrated Healthcare

  • School Nurse

    Donny Klay, RN, is a valued part of the Mosaic Day School team as the school’s nurse. He is experienced in psychiatric nursing for all age levels, medication management and high acute cardiac telemetry/progressive care. He delivers excellent daily care and also has experience in responding to emergencies.


    Keystone Behavioral Pediatrics Services

    Parents of Mosaic students may choose to contact Keystone Behavioral Pediatrics to schedule appointments for behavioral, developmental, socio-emotional and/or learning issues that their child may be facing, such as the following:

    Child Development Screenings

    Keystone Behavioral Pediatrics is equipped to handle all aspects that contribute to a happy, self-confident child. Keystone’s team of professionals focuses on each child’s behavioral and mental health by working collaboratively to offer children a wealth of services, including:

    • Psychological assessment
    • Applied behavior analysis (ABA)
    • Mental health therapy
    • Occupational therapy
    • Speech therapy
    • Therapy for feeding challenges
    • Family and group services