Middle School

Class Overview

Middle school can be a challenging time in the career of a student.  Our aim is to provide the same supportive environment that was part of their elementary years.  Middle school students are ready to advance their learning to more difficult concepts. We continue to address Florida State Standards appropriate to the student’s age and ability level.   Our students are preparing to transition into having more personal responsibility and a functional living skill set that will serve them as they transition into high school. At Mosaic, we find the balance in our day to provide academic progression, facilitated social interactions,  and life skills with the view that our students are finding their interests and gaining the skills needed to be a productive member of their family and community.

Meaningful skills for living

Communication and social skills for transitioning

Learning and working with others

Readiness for transition to high school

Group Age

12-15 Years Old

Class Size

6 Children

Enrollment Fee


Curricula Used

  • Wilson Reading System
  • Reading A-Z
  • Quick Reads
  • Time for Kids
  • Touchmath Upper Grades
  • Visualizing and Verbalizing- Lindamood Bell
  • Project based learning resources

Our Learning Program Includes:

  • Reading comprehension skills
  • Reading and following directions
  • Real-life writing assignments
  • Everyday math skills- measurement, time, money management
  • Citizenship and civic duty
  • Cross Curricular, project based learning
  • Communication and social interaction skills
  • Hands-on functional learning for daily living

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