• We focus on collaborative work in integrated healthcare and premier education to offer your child the best opportunity for success!

  • Our role is to develop the intellectual, social and behavioral skills within each child through the highest quality early education techniques, preparing each child for success in elementary school and beyond.
    • Classroom Excellence

      We serve children from 3 months old through 2nd grade in our classrooms and also offer a day treatment program that provides a one-on-one setting for students throughout the school day. We believe strongly in the diversity of every child’s learning style. We continually adjust our interactions to accommodate each child’s learning style, needs and interests.

    • Before- & After-School Care

      Mosaic’s Before- and After-School Care program promotes pro-social behaviors addressing topics such as the basics of friendship, conversation skills, team-playing, emotion regulation and body safety. We strive to seize each moment to create valuable teaching opportunities while providing a safe and nurturing environment.

    As a premier early learning and child development center, we will work closely with your family to ensure your child feels supported, respected, self-confident and ready for school.
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  • Our Classes

    Our program has four class options
  • Our early learning program offers classes for children as young as three months and continues through kindergarten.

  • Mosaic Day School’s teachers and child development professionals focus on providing each student with individualized attention and extra support to prepare for success in elementary school.

  • Our goal is to create a place that engages each child.
    • Welcoming, caring, positive learning environment
    • Individual attention in small-class settings
    • Before- and after-school care programs
    • Educational field trips and school presentations
    • Comprehensive reporting on individual achievement
    Mosaic Day School leads in early childhood care by offering the highest quality care, from basic needs to social, emotional and cognitive development.
    • A nurturing and stimulating learning environment that fosters the development of independence and interdependence in each child
    • Individualized instruction for each child using the latest research in child development and early childhood education
    • A process-oriented learning atmosphere that supports our students’ enthusiasm for the learning process
    • Active participation roles for children as they learn to take initiative, including the preparation and clean-up of activities
    • Opportunities for ongoing family involvement in collaboration with Mosaic Day School teachers to support children’s growth and learning
    • Integrated Healthcare Services

      Mosaic Day School is focused on developing all aspects that contribute to a happy, self-confident child – mind, body and soul – in addition to providing the highest quality early childhood education to prepare children for elementary school.

    • Achievement Reporting

      Teachers provide daily and quarterly communication notes and parents interact regularly with staff through communication notebooks and quarterly personal meetings.

    • Evidence-Based Curricula

      Teachers draw from a variety of curricula to creatively design instruction that engages learners and effectively meets each child’s interests, learning styles and current mastery levels.

    • Day Treatment

      Our day treatment program focuses on providing students who need one-on-one attention with educational and behavioral services throughout the day. The goal is to eventually integrate the student into one of our classrooms full time.

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    • Mosaic Day School focuses on all aspects of your child – mind, body and soul – to provide the best opportunity for success in elementary school and throughout life.

      Dr. Katie Falwell
      Founder & CEO
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